Earlier this week, I bumped into someone at a cafe who said something that absolutely made my week. She said, she knows she shouldn’t judge me by my Facebook posts but she thinks I’m the happiest, most positive person she knows (if you’re reading this, thank you❤️)! 

This warmed my heart (and my cheeks) as I blushed away feeling very chuffed. But it also got me thinking… Because she then said, “I hope it’s real.” 

Yes, it is real. It’s not that I don’t have rubbish days, become a grump or argue with my husband. I stress out over work, get HANGRY (a state of anger caused by hunger) often enough and I PMS.

But one of the greatest teachings from my Guru (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of The Art of Living) is the following: 


I live by this. And this is why all my Facebook posts are positive, happy and (hopefully) uplifting. I don’t see the point in spreading negativity, in getting other people emotionally riled up when I’ve received horrendous customer service  or experienced disappointment of sorts.  It’s why I won’t follow groups like ‘Name and shame Gaborone’. It’s a forum for complainers!

I won’t let external experiences, people or events change my smile. Rather, I find something to be grateful for, look forward to and find joy in innumerable little things and that’s what I post – to share what’s inspired cheer in me to inspire cheer in you. 

It’s the kind of resilience I want Aanavi to observe and grow. I want her to know that life happens but as long as you smile through it, you realise la vita e bella no matter what. 

She will see her father and I argue and that’s okay as long as she also sees us make up. She will hear me throw a fit over work, but also hear about how I fixed the problem. She will learn that you don’t just give up and sulk, you make something better out of it! 

How to do this? From myself, and others, here are some tried and tested strategies to live your smile (for little humans to big ones): 

  1. Practice gratitude and have a gratitude journal. It can be a written diary (my mum has this) or a photographic one (I do this). I take a picture of something that makes me happy every day. 
  2. Have someone to talk to. My husband knows when I say I need to vent, it means just listen to me complain for a few minutes, don’t give me any advice, just listen. And once I’m done, I get over it and give him a kiss. No need to vent publicly on Facebook! Spread smiles not frowns. 
  3. Spend time with people who uplift and inspire you. Energy is contagious. People who gossip, complain, show off and crib are going to have a similar effect on you. People who laugh, engage your brain, talk about interesting things (not people) will inspire you to do the same. 
  4. Spend your time, energy and money on experiences, not things. Your experiences make you who you are. Engage in activities that make you happy… Hobbies, passions, travel and adventure. Do what you love and love what you do.
  5. Consciously search for people who inspire you and focus your energies on adopting their traits or teachings that you admire. A Guru, an expert in your field, a friend, your mother/father/brother/sister even someone with incredible dress sense. I have all of the above and it makes everyday an opportunity for growth. 
  6. Do things for others. There is no greater joy than the joy of giving, kindness and compassion. “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived…” 

So here’s to a weekend full of smiles! For us, we are off to the Magalies Mountains where we will meet my brother and his family. Travel, adventure, doing what we love with five awesome human beings that uplift our souls! 


my little human living her smile

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