Happy Mother’s Day to my daughter 

My reason to celebrate Mother’s Day

My dearest little Aanavi, 

This Mother’s Day is extraordinarily special because you’re at that age where every moment is exciting, learning new words as each day goes by and surprising me with your charm and wit at such a young age. 

Most mothers describe what they want for their children – to live lives of purpose, passion and happiness. Of course I want that for you, but today I want to tell you that you’ve inspired these three virtues in me. 

Because of you, I have newfound determination to succeed in all ventures – whether at home with you and at work without you (so I can be efficient and rush back to you!). 

For you, I want to make the world a better place to grow up in. Having you in my life has only reignited my passion to uplift children’s education and holistic development. 

With you, I feel a sheer bliss that words cannot explain. Every description falls short and sounds far too clichéd. Suffice to say, it is the kind of happiness that is unconditional; untainted by the day’s stresses; the kind of happiness that makes all my internal organs soar with smiles. 

Whilst parents hope to be super-role-models to their children, you –  with your dynamic and intelligent spirit that never ceases to amaze us; a smile which makes even people on London trains cheer up; eyes that charm whoever you meet and sloppy little kisses that you’ve learnt to give; you, my little darling, inspire me to be the best version of myself.  

So Happy Mother’s Day to you my daughter – tomorrow the world celebrates and honours mothers and I’d like to thank you, Aanavi, for giving me the honour of being yours.

special mummy kissies

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    So beautifully written…. Loved it Pinks. I’m sure aanavi will love to read these when she grows up.

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