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 “If today were the last day of your life, would you want to be doing what you’re doing?”

Apparently Steve Jobs had a resounding yes to this question every single day.

Lifehack has inspired my post once again with their article on Steve Jobs’ guiding question. 

This article couldn’t have found me on a more apt day, for today, I closed my Kip McGrath franchise at REWA. With everything boxed, signage down and centre being repainted, I found myself in tears more than once this evening after saying goodbye to staff who had been at REWA for over three years. 

My Kip centre was my first baby and it’s proved to be very difficult to let go of something I bred. After years of building it up, creative effortful development, hours and hours of passionate dedication for students and staff alike, it’s unnerving how effortlessly we’ve come to an end. I really loved what I did, and valued the opportunity to impact hundreds of children over the last three years. However, this rather anticlimatic end is what proves it truly is time to let go. 


Today marks the end of the beginnings of REWA and the dawn of unfathomably more exciting opportunities for the children of Botswana.

The Lifehack article poses 6 further questions which highlight REWA’s newfound direction and my reignited purpose and passion:

1. Does your work make you smile? 

Oh how it does, and this is why…  


Just today, I signed my first agreement with a publisher as a children’s author! I’ve written three books already and my first book for kids will be out within a year! 

With unfulfilled time on my hands, I found something that fulfils all my creative desires along with my dedication to children’s literacy and I absolutely love it. Nothing in the world makes me happier than writing books for children. 🙂 

2. How tired do you feel at the end of the day?

I’m writing this in bed with my eyes burning red and sore…from the Kip tears and how beautifully exhausted I am. I’m the kind of tired that is so rewarding because I know I’m tired from immense brain activity of thinking up and working on programmes that are going to change lives. 

REWA is soon to launch a creative and holistic programme for parents and babies along with various other partners. 

“Going to bed with the feeling that you’ve accomplished something means two things: that you’re using your talents in a way that you find fulfilling and that you’re contributing productively to the world around you.”

I resonate with that 100%.

#watchthisspace for more information on SensoBaby launching in September! 


3. Is your work rewarded?

Collaborating on such programmes that are so personal and important is a wonderfully unique way to feel valued and rewarded on a frequent basis. Working with a very cool team of professional and super-mums on SensoBaby and Little Einsteins revs up my self-esteem, drive and desire to do more!

4. Do you have any regrets? 

Definitely not. Without the brilliantly educational experience of running a franchise, I wouldn’t have the confidence to now develop my own programmes and brand. 

Kip McGrath was an opportune platform to launch the REWA Education Centre. Most importantly, I’m thankful I had the courage to acknowledge that it’s no longer giving me the positive sense of usefulness and service that it used to. 

5. Does your work consume your life? 

My life is my daughter and my family… Aanavi is the inspiration behind all my new projects, the writing (#AdventuRams) and SensoBaby! 

I launched REWA for the children of Botswana and my Botswana baby has just allowed for me to combine motherhood with passion and purpose. So yes, it consumes my life or rather vice versa and I feel like a rockstar for being able to feel this way 🙂 


6. Do you feel stimulated?

More than ever before. Recently, the universe has conspired to fill each day of mine with creativity and the chance to offer greater service and joy to little humans. 

Ask yourself the same questions… They truly do work as a self-reflective guide to cultivate enthusiastic purpose in whatever you do. 

So,  if today were the last day of my life, would I want to be doing what I’m doing? After more than a year of uncertainty, I would love to tell Steve Jobs that I too can look in that mirror and hurrah a YES for all the jobs I play!

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