REWA Rebranded

Today is World Book Day – one of the most important days in my year (both professionally and personally), as it celebrates my most sacred priority and passion: Reading.

And so, on this World Book Day, it gives me particular pleasure and pride to explain how REWA has rebranded and restructured with a sharpened strategy and directive, as well as a new logo to represent our vision.

REWA is turning 7 soon and has developed into a well-reputed organisation that is known to raise the standards and quality of education. As I reflect on the last few years, I am so proud of the many, different things we have achieved.

During 2010 – 2012, REWA was engaged in social enterprise and community work as a consultancy: From youth entrepreneurship to juvenile prison programmes, parent and teacher trainings to workshops for children, from establishing the very successful Book Clubs at Exclusive Books to literacy programmes in various communities.

In 2012, we opened the doors to our centre, the REWA Education Centre which saw the launch of Kip McGrath Education (tutoring for Maths and English) and in 2014, we opened our nursery school, Little Einsteins, which today is one of the most respected and valued Early Childhood Programmes in Botswana.

After much reflection and deliberation, we closed our Kip McGrath centre in 2015 and began moving towards a focus in Early Childhood. In partnership with other stakeholders, REWA launched a Parenting and Play Hub known as SensoBaby, which provides classes and events that nurture the fun and wonder of family.

Last year, I ventured into the enchanting world of writing for children and my first book, An Elephant’s Tale, was released. I now continue to write stories based on adventure, virtues and conservation.

With this context, background and the much needed time to strategise REWA’s direction and focus, we have restructured as follows:

REWA’s mandate is now purely Early Childhood Development and Literacy; our services range from unique programmes for children at the REWA Education Centre which include Reading Lessons, Book Clubs and Holistic Education Activities for young children. We also offer Educational Consultancy, Development of Curriculum material for organisations as well as Workshops for Parents and Teachers such as P.E.T, Nutrition, Reading Workshops and more.

Our Vision

An empowered African child who has achieved optimum wellbeing and cognitive development through access to excellent early childhood interventions and literacy programmes.

Our Mission

REWA is multi-faceted educational organisation that empowers young people in Africa to rise above the ordinary, by developing holistic education that transforms communities.


We have a beautiful new logo that represents this mandate. Our designer, Typewrite, took inspiration from the following:

    • Books to represent our priority on developing literacy and the love of reading;
    • Baby jungle animals to represent the mandate of Early Childhood Development –notice how the animals showcase the energy, fun & wonder of learning through play;
  • Trees & African colours and patterns which signify growth. We are Raising Education Within Africa – developing education that transforms communities on our continent.

REWA is rooted in the principle that effective learning cannot take place unless a child is happy and healthy – so these goals, along with supporting children to achieve normal developmental milestones, are the foundation of our programmes.

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