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A teacher, author, mother and an inspired human being with the simple purpose to make a difference – with some style and some smile! ūüôā

With a background in English, Education and Psychology, I am the Founder and Director of Raising Education Within Africa, an organisation that seeks to empower young people to rise above the ordinary, I work with teachers, parents, children and educational organisations developing reading and literacy programmes.

Alongside parent & teacher trainings (in literacy, parenting, nutrition and child development), classes for children and consultancy work, we also operate a unique and specialised nursery school, Little Einsteins, as well as a Parenting and Play programme called SensoBaby, all of which take place at our Education Centre.

Over a period of six years, REWA has developed into a well-reputed organisation that is known to raise the standards and quality of education and we continue to work as centre of excellence in the field of education and child development¬†that transforms communities.¬†In 2016, I was recognised by our country, through the Bot50 Changemaker awards, as a Changemaker in Education and received an award to celebrate and honour REWA’s work. Furthermore, I have been selected as a Global Leader in Early Childhood through the World Forum Foundation.

Having ventured¬†into the enchanting world of writing for children, my first children’s book, An Elephant’s Tale, is now on shelves and available online with a second title out in 2017.

I love what I do and do what I love, but no job is greater than being MUM to the most delightful little girl РAanavi, and practicing all my creative and innovative educational/parenting ideas with her.

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