REWA SEVA Community Library

Phakalane Library Now Open

REWA Seva Community Library is a not-for-profit library designed to foster literacy and a love of books in children.

The most important aspect of literacy development is access to books. The REWA Seva Community Library opened in Phakalane in July 2018 to allow members of the public to read, share, and love books as much as we do.

Anyone’s welcome to visit the library, which is open Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm and Saturday from 9am- 1pm.

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REWA Seva Community Library
Membership and Access Details

Annual membership to the library is P600. All profits will go towards re-investing into more books. You can take two books out at a time; then you return them within a two week period. If you return them early you get to take another two books then.

Members of the public are invited to sponsor underprivileged children so those children get free access to the library. We want to promote reading across all backgrounds.